Workout Of the Week - "Push Pull Pyramid"

HEY HEY HEAT Fam! Coach Sarah J here from our SMTX location, with my first WOW ever! 😊

All you will need for this push pull workout is your gorgeous self, a set of DB's and a KB!


Enjoy and kick some ass! 

Warm up: Minute to win it! Set a timer for 8 minutes. At the top of each minute complete one of the warmup drills. Whatever time you have left in the minute is your rest.
Get through this list 2x's
30 jumping jacks
20 Plank and reach to toes
20 table top twist
10 walking push ups

10, 8, 6 WORKOUT! KNOCK THIS OUT 3-4x's all the way through!
10 DB thrusters
8 Bent over rows
6 Single arm KB swings (each side)
8 Chest press
10 DB pull throughs (high plank position)

•2 min low plank hold•



Workout Of the Week - "Jumping For Joy!"

Hey Team HEAT! This WOW is coming to you from our August trainer of the month, Coach Seth!

Hello from SMTX HEAT familia!

This workout is a quickie that will get your heart pumping in no time. The faster you work the faster you're done. And it's all about being able to maintain a pace. You will do 21 of all three exercises, jump rope for however long it took you to finish, then move to your next set but only do 18 and repeat the process. Here is your full rep scheme listed below...

21, 18, 15, 12, 9


Tuck Jumps