Workout Of the Week - "The Pre-Game Special!"


Hey guys! Shandee here from San Marcos. Before hitting a tailgate and eating all the food and drinking all the beer, get a quick sweat in with this cardio intensive workout done Tabata style! No equipment needed, just some space to run…

(Bonus points if you keep it on gameday theme and perform it on a football field!)

20 secs each move 10 sec rest between each exercise. Try to continue for 8-12 mins.

forward sprint/backpedal

side shuffles

Quick feet


Repeat each exercise then go directly down the list!



Workout Of the Week - "Total Body Endurance"


Hey y’all! Coach Eddy here from our SMTX location with this week’s workout of the week! This week’s workout will be a total body endurance workout so prepare yourselves 😈

We’ll start off with a warm up, and you won’t need any equipment just yet! Let’s get through 4 rounds of this, and each successive round should be done progressively faster.

30 seconds of Mountain Climbers

20 Lunges (progress into lunge jumps)

10 Push up to toe taps

20 Squats (progress into squat jumps)

30 seconds of Russian Twists

Now for the real fun! 💪🏽 You’ll need a set of light to medium weight dumbbells and a med ball or slam ball.You’ll go through each exercise back to back for as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes:

20 wall sit + bicep curls (curls don’t count unless those knees are at 90 degrees!)

25 dumbbell skiers

20 wall balls

15 dumbbell burpees

10 soccer throws

50m sprint

My record was 6 rounds (the day after eating a village sized serving of Cajun Alfredo)! Let’s see what y’all got! Let me know how it goes…