For some of us it is really hard to get into a workout regimen; for others it is really hard to keep going after those first few weeks. Maybe we're telling ourselves it's going to be such a busy day that we'll just wait 'til tomorrow...everyday. Maybe we just get bored doing the same thing all of the time and don't know how to switch it up. Either way, the important thing to remember is that you are not alone in this. We are all going to have our good days, bad days, busy days and everything else in between; we just need to be able to get to the gym no matter what kind of day it's been.

"Easier said than done," you're telling me, right? Well, there are several different things to try to get that workout in. You may say you are not a morning person, but have you tried getting up and getting it in before work? Setting the alarm for that earlier time may not seem fun, but when you finish working out before your work day even starts, you may find that you have more energy. It can be hard going to the gym after a grueling day at the office, especially if you have to sit in traffic to get there. Try it out for 2 weeks and see how you feel.


Make plans with someone ahead of time. If you tell your friend on Sunday that you WILL BE THERE on Wednesday, you are not going to want to let them down. And be honest, there is a little competitive side of you that cannot let them get the workout in and you do nothing. Time goes by much faster when you've got someone there with you, sweating and breathing just as hard as you are. It can be very easy to get yourself on a set schedule with the buddy system.

Are your friends not the working out type? Join a gym that has group classes. The campers at HEAT bootcamp are an awesome bunch to workout with. (I'm not just saying that because I teach camps there. I myself love taking camp with everyone!) There are multiple benefits to taking group fitness classes. You never have to think about what you're doing that day, the energy is always higher with more people, you'll switch up your workouts much more often, and you can make some new friends. Talk to the instructor or coach when you take class and get to know them. If you start missing camp they will be sure to call you out, I know I do. When you have to sign up ahead of time you will feel accountable and more likely not to miss.

Remember fitness is a lifestyle; a journey. Everyday will not be our best, but I guarantee you will feel so much better making it through the tough workout than skipping it all together.

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