I love breakfast…..eggs, toast, bacon, oatmeal….they can all be called “comfort foods”.  And if you look at each of them individually, they can actually be pretty healthy.  The problem, of course, lies in the preparation.  And unfortunately (in America at least), breakfast foods have been DESTROYED by their accompaniments.  Eggs covered in cheese, toast soaked in butter, oatmeal covered in sugar…it’s amazing that we can even call these things by their original names!  With that in mind, I went searching for, and found, a delicious and nutritious establishment for great breakfast food available anytime of the day…Bouldin Creek Café.

Located on South First, Bouldin Creek Café is a true Austin establishment.  Upon entering, you are welcomed by vibrant colors, unique décor, local art, and the Indie music that Austin is so famous for.  This, combined with the friendly, hippie-esque staff, make for a great environment to enjoy a hot cup of joe and any of the numerous menu choices.

Now on to the food!  First off, Bouldin Creek is a vegetarian-friendly establishment.  They serve no meat or poultry, and will substitute tofu for any egg dish.  Now, to some, it may not be breakfast without sausage or bacon, but I can assure you that Bouldin Creek MORE THAN makes up for it in taste.  I tried the Bouldin House Omelet, a tasty combination of sautéed spinach, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar-jack cheese, all wrapped in cage-free eggs.  Each omelet is served with a choice of two sides, of which I chose the sliced, locally grown tomatoes and side of fruit (fresh cut strawberries and blueberries)….all for only 8 bucks!

All in all, Bouldin Creek Café definitely delivers on healthy and tasty breakfast food!  And if all of that isn’t enough reason to try it, then go for the music!