Saturday, March 8th 12:45pm at HEAT


Join us at the HEAT Studio on Saturday, March 8th as our neighbor Allan Besselink of Smart Sport International addresses the topic of "Training Principles for Health, Fitness, and Performance" over lunch (provided by Diesel Foods Inc.!)

The seminar will address a seamless approach to the full spectrum of health - from injury recovery to fitness to performance - should be built upon sound, sport science-based training principles. These are oftentimes counter to traditional approaches and training myths. This session will present a broad, integrated approach to health, fitness and performance utilizing both sports sciences and lessons learned from the application of these training principles in real-world examples.

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Allan Besselink is a physiotherapist, endurance sports coach, and author of "RunSmart: A Comprehensive Approach To Injury-Free Running". He is the director of Smart Sport International in Austin, TX.