If you are ready to take it up a notch in the realm of fitness, we definitely have an opportunity for you to do just that.  Our very own Cody Butler has created a 5 week course that will take you through advanced movements, training concepts, and proper form techniques that would help increase your workouts both at HEAT and on your own.  Please note that although this would be educational, the challenge level of the course, at times, would be equal (if not more difficult) than the camps that you regularly attend.

These clinics are limited to only 7 oh-so-lucky registrants, so be sure to get your spot sooner rather than later.  Deadline to register is May 8th.  Each registration is good for only ONE option of camps (in other words, you can't mix and match weeks, and if you can't make one session, there aren't any make-ups. You know the drill.) 

Ready to register?? Get your CLICK on.