For several years now Irene, Margaret and I and have enjoyed the many benefits that friendship, hard work and good humor bring. We have managed to create a habit of doing all three simultaneously twice a week.  One of the most important ingredients in maintaining a routine fitness program in my opinion, is that you truly look forward to the time you spend dedicating to it. Margaret and I can often be seen dancing and goofing off in between sets while Irene looks on with skeptical amusement. Although very different in personality, Margaret “deltoid” Norris and Irene “cuanto” Glinatsis have created a bond that goes far beyond their fitness friendship, they support and encourage each other in every aspect of their lives and it has inspired me to push them to new heights and grander goals. From “real” push up’s and pull up’s, to personal record setting plank time, they will continue to break old barriers and set new goals all while grooving and getting down to dope beats. I am honored to be a part of their mission and will continue to laugh and get down with them as long as they let me. The motto we go by is that “you don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing”. Cheers to always playing!!




"When I first started working out, my pushups consisted of standing and pushing away from the wall.  I’m proud to say I can now do real pushups right on the floor!  Working with Greg has been a pleasure. Each session is different and never boring.  I can even laugh now after doing planks! Irene and I grouse when he makes us do burpees but Greg just ignores us (thank goodness).  There is a lot of laughing and dancing in between  - and sometimes during - our routines. My motto is ‘I’m getting there’ and I plan on trying until I’m 100."








"Although I’ve been athletic all my life, I wasn’t strong or feeling all that great. The workouts with Greg have made me focus on strength and health. He has been very supportive in helping me revamp my diet in conjunction with my workouts and my running so I don’t get overly tired or sick.  I like to laugh out loud at Greg and Margaret as they do hip-hop dancing to the ‘Pit Bull’ song after our burpees.  Greg is very patient with us as we ask ‘how many’ reps after he’s told us more than once the number of reps for each routine. Each week I look forward to our workouts and the camaraderie.  Muchas Gracias Gregorio!"

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