Happy Hump Day my friends! Lil Sarah here with the HEAT W.O.W.

Most of the time we are told not to be a "negative Nancy". Well this week, I'm saying it is time to get NEGATIVE! The eccentric part of an exercise, also known as the negative side of it, is referring to when the weight is moving downward, with gravity. One way to build strength, is to make the eccentric part take longer.

We'll be focusing on the timing of our workout today, going up on 1 count, going down on a 3 count. There will be both body weight and weighted drills.

Need to have: DB (dumbbells)

How long: 30-40 min

warmup: 20 reps (each side if unilateral) x2

butt kickers

high knees


mt. climbers

jump lunges

inchworm push-ups (come up to standing after walking the hands back towards the feet)

The nitty gritty: 1:3 (1 count coming up, 3 count going down) Do each drill for 90 sec, then 60, then 30. We're woking a different muscle group each set, so you can take shorter breaks. Try 30-60 sec of rest after each set. If you need more than that, take it. Endurance has to be built up (:


Diamond push-ups (hands close together so that forefingers and thumbs make a diamond directly beneath the chest. this can be modified and done on the knees.)

DB squats

Pull-ups (you can jump up to get your chin over the bar, just come down on the 3 count. let the arms fully extend, bend your knees if you have to.)

DB stationary lunges (get into a lunge, don't move your feet when you press yourself up. do half of the set with your right foot in front, and half with the left in front.)

DB curls

Leg raises (done from the supine position, or on your back. hold a little crunch so your head is not resting on the floor. hands can be put under the sacrum, or lowest section of the spine, to support your low back remaining flat on the floor.)