Oh hey HEAT familia! Lil Sarah here, ready to make you sweat! Last week we worked on building strength by slowing things down. This week we are going to get back to building endurance by repeating high impact drills to the tune of tabata timing.

Tabata is all about intensity, so you want to be pushing yourself as hard as possible during each 20 second set. You get a 10 second breather in between each set, just enough time to let you catch your breathe and be ready to turn it up for the next round. We will be using a lot of compound movements this week, so you will be burning a lot of calories during this shorter workout.

What you'll need: light and/or medium weight DB (dumbbells) and a mat

How much time it'll take: 25-30 minutes


Let's turn this thang UP!

warmup: 20 reps each x2

jumping jacks

high knees (ea side)

butt kickers (ea side)


skater lunges (total)

plank up/downs (walk your hands from a high to low plank)

bicycle crunches (ea side)

Tabata drills: 8 20 sec sets, with 10 sec rest in between = 4 min per drill

Turnt up burpee (1 push-up, 1 shoulder tap each side, 1 knee tuck jump, 2 prone squat thrusters)

Firework jacks (use some light DB for an added challenge)

DB snatch (medium set of DB for this one)

6 mt climbers to 4 skater lunges (move as quickly as possible from MC to skater lunge)

Ab burnout! (30 sec each without resting in between. This will get you to 3 min. For the added challenge, take a 30 sec rest after the 1st set, and complete a 2nd.)

Right side low plank

Low flutter kicks

Left side low plank

Halfway flutter kicks (don't bring your legs as low as before)

Low plank alternating leg lifts (keeps your hips low and square to the ground when you raise your leg up behind you.)

Flutter kicks up and down (keep moving the legs up and down while kicking)

Prone squat thrusters: Begin in the high plank position. Take both feet together and hop them as close to in between the hands as you can. Tuck your knees in towards your chest. Shoot both feet together back so you come back into that high plank. Keep your hips as low as possible while shooting the feet back, sounds easier than it really is. Do this motion without resting at the top or back with the feet. Nice and fast

Firework jacks: Start with your feet in a narrow stance, squat as low as you can, and tuck in so that your forearms touch your thighs. Next jump as high as you can opening your hands and feet wide, so your body makes an "X". Land back in the start position, and go right into the next jump. Make Katy Perry proud and move as fast as you can!!