Hello my hot HEAT familia! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got your workout of the week.

This workout is going to help you build your endurance, and really target strengthening the core. We'll be going back and forth between an intense movement and an ab exercise. Our goal is to go right from our intense movement into our ab drill. Treat the 30 seconds of abs as an active rest and focus on your breathing. If you can control your breath during the core work, you can get your heart rate to drop slightly, and be ready to hit up that next set of intense work.

Alright guys, time to get hardcore. Let's do it!


What you'll need: Just you on this one!

Time: 25-30 min

Warmup: 3 min jog

25 each: Jumping jacks

Butt kickers (ea side)

High knees (ea side)

Bicycle crunches (ea side)

Low plank jacks

Mt climbers (ea side)

Now to get after it: Each movement listed first, is your high impact, high intensity movement. This is supposed to get your heart rate up! Move fast, and keep moving for the entire amount of time. Each drill listed second, is your ab drill. You will be holding this for 30 seconds immediately following the intense movement, so for each set you are alternating between the two. Make it through each set without rest as best you can, and rest for 1-3 min before starting the next set.

Here's how the timing of each set goes:

20 sec intense, 30 sec abs

40 sec intense, 30 sec abs

60 sec intense, 30 sec abs

40 sec intense, 30 sec abs

20 sec intense, 30 sec abs

Set 1: Prone squat thrusters / Low flutter kicks

Set 2: Broad jumps / Low plank

Set 3: 6 fast feet to 1 push-up (repeat for entire amount of time) / Low leg hold (on your back with legs straight and hovering above the ground)

Set 4: 2 jump lunges to 1 squat (repeat for entire amount of time) / Low boat pose

This workout is meant to be hard. It's meant to challenge you. If you can't make it through a set without taking a rest, just start back up as quickly as possible. We are building endurance here. Keep this one in the books so you can do it again next week. (:

Fast feet: In a wide stance, get low, and bring your right then left foot up and down as quickly as possible. Stay low in your stance, drive your knee up when lifting your foot, and move fast.