Hello all my HEAT friends! It's Lil Sarah, and I am back atcha this week with your workout. We are going to both build some strength and burn some fat. We will start each set with 40 seconds of a weighted drill, and follow with two 20 second rounds of a body weight/light weight DB drill with 10 seconds of rest in between. Go nice and heavy on the weighted drill; go nice and fast on the lighter one.

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), box, and a mat

How long?: 25-35 minutes

Have fun with this one and push yourself! (:


Let's get you warmed up!

3-4 min jog/run

20 squats

20 skater lunges

20 diamond push-ups

40 total bicycle crunches

60 second low plank

The workout: 40 seconds of the 1st exercise / two 20 second rounds of the 2nd, split up with a 10 second rest. Do three full sets, resting about 30-60 seconds in between, then move on to the next pair.

DB pause squats (pause for a 2 count at the bottom) / box jumps (knee tuck jumps if you don't have a box, step ups or stairs if you cannot jump)

DB chest fly / press out jacks

DB stiff leg dead lifts / OH DB butt kickers (OH = overhead in HEAT speak, one DB in each hand)

DB curl to press / high plank jacks (hands are hopping too!)

Press out jacks: Grab one lighter DB and hold each end in one hand. We're doing jumping jacks here, so quick pace, and when your feet hop out, press the DB straight out at chest level. Pull the DB back in when you hop your feet together.