Hi there campers! Lil Sarah here on this fine Hump Day, bringing you a leg workout for this W.O.W. You might want to sit down and have a heart to heart with your derrière, just sayin'..


I've set you guys up with one of my favorite formats, which we've used before, one heavy drill followed by one light and fast drill. This allows you to train the muscle as a whole by working both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. This workout is going to move nice and quick, while still allowing you to get some heavy sets in.

Enough talk, let's get that booty to work. Put some HUMP in that trunk!

Warmup: 5 min jog

20 each:


walking lunges

squat jumps

jump lunges

60 sec low plank, 30 sec both right and left side plank

The workout: The first drill listed will be heavy, and we'll get in as many sets of 10 as you can in 4 minutes. The next drill is light and fast, and you'll do 3 sets of 30 sec with 10 sec of rest in between. Take 1-2 min rest in between the pairs of drills

DB sumo squats / skater lunges

DB stiff leg dead lifts / OH butt kickers (hold two light weight DB overhead while performing butt kickers as fast as you can.)

DB rear lunges / squatted jumping jacks (don't straighten your legs in between jumps, stay squatted)

Ab burnout: This is a 3 min burnout. No breaks, just switching drills. Challenge yourself and work through that burn, cause it's gonna happen!

Lying on your back, with your hands either underneath the sacrum or behind your ears, lower your legs so they're hovering above the ground.

Hold for 30 sec

Small fast flutters for 30 sec

Scissor kicks for 30 sec

Giant flutter kicks for 30 sec

Hold your legs low for 30 sec

Hold your legs halfway for 30 sec (halfway between where they'd be if you brought them all the way up, and where they were when you held them low.)

Just make sure you keep your low back on the ground the entire time. If your low back leaves the ground, you brought your legs too low.