Hi HEAT familia! Lil Sarah here with your W.O.W.. I just introduced the format that we're using here to my tabata camp, and they LOVED it! You are getting the opportunity to go heavy, AND get in lots of cardio. The reps on the weighted drill are going to be very low, so take advantage of that and go as heavy as you can.


What you'll need: DB, and a mat

How long: 40-60 min

Let's get you warmed up...

This week's warmup will take 8-12 minutes, depending on the rest you take in between. Spend 1 minute on each pair of drills, and then go through a second time. At the top of the minute do 10 reps of the first drill with a medium/medium heavy weight, as soon as you are finished with your reps, start the second drill and finish out the minute with it. 

DB alt lunges (10 total) / Mt climbers

DB Russian twists / ski jumpers

DB bent over rows / prone squat thrusters

DB thrusters / DB press jacks

The Real Deal:

For the main part of the workout, we'll be working with the same idea as the warmup, just fewer reps and a shorter amount of time to work with the second drill. We are working in 30 second sets. Here, you'll do 4 reps of the first drill, and as soon as you are finished, start the second drill and finish out the 30 second set with it. Rest for 10 seconds, and repeat. Six 30 second sets, with 10 seconds of rest in between, for each pair of drills.

DB lateral lunges / skater lunges

Curl to press / high knees with press (much lighter DB)

DB single leg V-ups / bicycles

DB squats / knee tuck jumps

Bent over row / superman swimmers

Ab burnout:

30 sec flutter kicks / 30 sec low plank jacks x2

30 sec V-ups / 30 sec low plank x2

High knees with press: With a light set of DB, press one weight straight up as you drive one knee up. Switch to the other weight when you drive the other knee up. This should be fast, like regular high knees, so pick a weight that you can move with.

Superman swimmers: Start out in the prone position, on your stomach, with your arms extended out overhead. Raise your arms, so your chest comes off the floor, and raise your legs, so your glutes are nice and tight. Quickly bring your arms back and by your sides, making a swimming motion. Make sure to keep your chest elevated, and to squeeze the scapula (shoulder blades) back towards each other. Repeat, repeat, repeat.