Hello my favorite fit people! Lil Sarah here with your W.O.W. We are in the middle of the holiday season, which for many of us means lots of traveling, and that means time away from the gym. This week's workout can be done just about anywhere. Share it with the fam, maybe payback for someone that deserves a little pain... (:

All you need is yourself and about 30 min!

Warmup: 5 min jog/run

10 inchworm push-ups

20 lateral lunges

30 bicycle crunches

20 squat to side crunch

The workout: The first exercise listed is going to be more dynamic, and you'll do that for a full 60 seconds. The second exercise will be a static hold. If you can't make it through the entire minute, no worries! Give yourself a small little 5-10 second breather, and try to finish out the minute from there. Finish 3 sets of the two exercises, and then move on to the next pair.

Skater lunges / sumo squat held on your toes

Russian twists / side plank (switch sides at 30 sec, OR, if you want an added challenge, do 60 sec ea side)

Pike push-ups / hand stand (This can be done on a wall. If you cannot get inverted, you could hold a plank with you feet elevated on something as well.)

90 degree squat jumps / wall sit

Pike push-ups: Start in the push-up position, then walk your feet closer to your hands, so you are in the pike position, with your hands and feet on the floor. Get your forehead as close to the ground as you can when you lower down for the push-up. You'll feel this more through the shoulders than with regular push-ups.