Happy holidays HEAT familia! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got a workout you can do in your Grandma's living room, if need be. This is another one that will be easy to share with any family members that want to sweat out some of the food that's been coming at us from every direction. We are going with body weight the entire workout, so you just need yourself, some good music, and some elbow room.


Warmup: 25 jumping jacks

50 high knees

10 push-ups

50 butt kickers

20 squats

50 mt. climbers

1 min low flutter kicks

The workout: In honor of Christmas, I'm going to give you all MY version of a 12 days of Christmas workout. Get in 12 reps of each exercise listed, then 11, then 10, then 9, alllllll the way down to 1. You should be SWEATY by the time you get done with this, so make sure no one has taken over the shower! 

If an exercise is unilateral, make sure to do the reps on each side. Have fun!!

Lateral lunges

Plank up jacks (hop your hands and feet out and in when you are in the high plank, then walk it down to the low plank)

Low side plank punch through

Knee tuck jumps

Tricep push-ups

Russian sit-ups (do a twist to each side every time you sit-up, alternate which side you twist to first)

Bonus burnout!: From the hands and knees position.

30 sec of fire hydrants each leg

30 sec kickbacks on each leg

30 sec straight leg, pulsing out to the side each leg

From lying on your back.

30 sec holding legs low

30 sec holding legs halfway up

30 sec low flutter kicks

30 sec flutter kicks halfway up

30 sec holding legs low

30 sec holding legs at halfway