Hi everyone! Happy New Year's Eve to you! Lil Sarah here with your last workout of 2015. I usually post on Wednesdays, but I thought it quite fitting to do this one today. Total body workout. Long sets to start, heavy sets in the middle, and HIGH intensity to finish the year out. 


What you'll need: DB and a mat.

Time: 45-60 min

Warmup: 50 of each

- high knees

- butt kickers

40 of each

- Jumping jacks

- lunges

30 of each

- leg raises

- 90 degree squat jumps

20 of each

- diamond push-ups

- prone squat thrusters (see "Total Body Torcher")

1 min flutter kicks

The workout: The 3 drills listed will be done for 1 min each, get in 3 sets of this. Try not taking a break during each of the 3 sets if you can, with 30-60 sec rest in between sets.

Alternating lateral lunge into curl

Renegade row to prone squat thruster (row on each side and two prone squat thrusters)

Low spidey plank (alternating sides)

The next 3 drills listed will be done in sets of 12. Challenge yourself by using the weight that would normally be your 10 rep max. Get in 2-3 sets of these, taking 1-2 minutes in between drills.

DB chest press with a crunch (Crunch when you press the weights up.)

DB front squats (Make sure to hold the weight in front of your chest. You'll have to keep your abs very tight for support.)

Bent over row into stiff leg dead lift

The last three pairs of drills are to be done in sets of 20, back-to-back, 3 times through each pair. These are high intensity movements, so your heart rate is supposed to jump up. Take 1-2 min of rest in between pairs. Choose a light to medium resistance on any drills you need DB for, so you can make it through all 20 reps at a fast pace.

DB thrusters / cross mt climbers (ea side)

Weighted squat jumps / bicycles (ea side)

Skater lunges / high plank jacks (hop the hands AND feet)

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Can't WAIT to bring you the first workout of 2016!