Everyone working out is going to have different goals from the next person. But, one thing we can relate to with everyone, we all want to improve. Otherwise, why would we work so hard?! As you first start working out, or start a certain type of workout, you are going to see improvements, and pretty much every time you workout if you keep up with it. Now if you keep doing the same thing for an extended amount of time, you are going to stop seeing improvements, or gains.

How do we keep this from happening you ask? Switch it up.

What do you mean by switch it up you ask next? You can switch the amount of weight and reps, you can change timing, and you can up the intensity of the movement. If you have been going as heavy as possible pretty much every time you workout, take the weight down and do more reps, 12-20 reps depending on how light you go. You will also be able to work at a faster pace. If you never go heavy, start adding more weight and doing fewer reps, 6-10 reps will be good if you go heavy enough. When switching the timing, take longer coming up with the weight than down for one set, and do the opposite the next set. Cody talks about this in the video from our Youtube video. Next, change the intensity of the movements you've already been working with. If you have just been on regular squats, make them plyometric and explosive by adding a jump. You'll want to drop the amount of weight you use, especially if you haven't done this before.

Group fitness classes are a great way to ensure you are changing the workouts you do. Here at HEAT you can even schedule your workouts by what muscle group we are working that day to make it easy.

Don't get stuck on a plateau, and don't run the risk of getting bored. Switch it up!