You've asked for it, now here it is!

This #wowHEAT is brought to you by Coach Greg:

"Stayin' Single"

Single Arm Clean-Press 

Single  Side plank raise

Single arm static DB hold w/curl 

Single Arm Plank-Mid Row

Single Side push up -reach thru 

Single side slam rotation med toss to wall 

3 sets/ 20 reps per side 1st round, 15 reps 2nd round, 10 reps 3rd round. Weight goes up as reps go down. 

Side plank raise: in side plank position, raise a dumbbell from the hip laterally until it is parallel to your shoulder. Keep your arm straight as you raise and make sure you keep the resistance on the negative (downward) phase of the exercise.

Push-up reach thru: Perform a push-up, and after returning to the starting position, you will rotate the torso while taking one arm underneath, reaching thru across your chest as you rotate. Alternate arms and directions as you go.

Slam rotation med toss to wall: Perform a med ball slam with a wall to the left or right of you. After slamming, rotate the torso as you throw the ball to the wall with one hand behind the ball so that the respective arm works the hardest performing the throw. Make sure to pivot your toes as you toss to allow maximum rotation thru the hips and torso. Switch sides halfway thru your reps.