This week's workout is brought to you by Coach Lil Sarah...


What's up HEAT fam! Our #wowHEAT is a total body 10-1 workout.

We'll get you started with a dynamic warm-up.

30/30 x3

- Jumping Jacks/Mt climbers

- High knees/bicycles

- Skater lunges/high plank jacks

Now for the main course! You have 5 different drills. You'll do each one 10 times, then each one 9 times, then 8 times, all the way down to 1. Here are the movements:

- Dumbbell stiff leg dead lift

- Dumbbell chest press with crunch

- Low side plank punch through (10-1 on each side)

- Renegade row with a push-up (10-1 on each side)

- Knee tuck squat jumps

During this workout you can go fairly heavy, as the max number of reps you will be doing is 10. If you really wanna step it up, you can increase the weight as the reps get smaller. (Increase at 8, 5, and 2 maybe.) Take as little rest as possible during each round going through the 5 drills.

Dumbbell chest press with a crunch: Perform the chest press as usual, and when the weights come up, add an abdominal crunch at the top.

Low side plank punch through: Get into a low side plank. We'll say you are on the right side (on the elbow of that arm), take the left hand from up in the air, and rotate that shoulder down towards the ground as you punch that hand through the right underarm. Try punching all the way through, so the hand goes past the body. This can be performed from a modified side plank. If you are in a right side plank, put the right knee down on the ground (you'll want to bend that right leg), still keeping the hips up and the left leg straight.