Coach Lil Sarah here! Bringin' ya this week's workout.

We are going to hit up your entire muscle today. What I mean by that, is both slow, and fast twitch muscle fibers. Every muscle in your body consists of both.

What that means for this workout session is that you'll go heavy and slow, immediately followed by light and fast.

What you'll need: DB = dumbbells, maybe a mat for the core work

Time: 25-35 min

Enough talk, let's do the dang thing!

Warmup - 30 sec each and repeat:

jumping jacks


high knees


butt kickers

wide grip push-ups

jumping jacks

The first drill listed is the one that you want to go heavy on. Choose a weight that you'll be able to work with continuously throughout the amount of time given. When the time gets shorter, go up a bit in weight.

The second drill listed will be body weight. Your goal is to move a fast as possible for the amount of time given without resting. These sets are shorter, so it's easier to push yourself.

Do 3 rounds of each superset. The timing goes as such: round 1 - 60 sec / 30 sec, round 2 - 45 sec / 20 sec,  round 3 - 30 sec / 10 sec. Rest for 20-60 sec in between rounds.


DB chest press / high plank jacks

Low side plank punch through / bicycle crunches

DB standard dead lift / broad jumps

Alternating lunge with a curl / prone squat thrusters

Happy sweating!

High plank jacks: the goal is to be in a high plank and hop your hands out and in. You can modify by dropping the knees, or hopping both the hands and feet together.

Low side plank punch through: From a low right side plank, start with the left arm straight in the air. Punch the left hand down and through the right underarm. Make sure to rotate that left shoulder down towards the ground. Return to the starting position with the left arm straight in the air. If you want to challenge yourself, hold a light DB in the left hand as you punch through.

Prone squat thrusters: Begin in the high plank position. Take both feet together and hop them as close to in between the hands as you can. Tuck your knees in towards your chest. Shoot both feet together back so you come back into that high plank. Keep your hips as low as possible while shooting the feet back, sounds easier than it really is. Do this motion without resting at the top or back with the feet. Nice and fast :)