What up campers!! Lil Sarah here, bringing you the HEAT workout of the week.

This week we are doing a total body workout, where we get to go heavy, and then push for a burn at the end of each set with a second drill. The first drill listed will be done for 60 seconds. Go as heavy as you can for this minute. The second drill will immediately follow the first, and you'll do that one for 20 seconds. Get in as many reps as you can in 20 seconds. We'll finish off with a 3 minute ab burnout. :)

What you'll need: DB - dumbbells. You may want to have a mat, we'll be down on our hands and knees, and on our backs during some of the drills

Time: 25 - 35 minutes, depending on how much rest you take in between sets

Go through all four of these sets, and repeat 3 times. Take a 20-60 sec break in between each set. Try not to rest in between the two drills that are paired up.

Chest fly / fast diamond push-ups


Farmer carry walking lunges / low pulsing sumo squat

Curl to press / fast straight high punches (use some very light DB's)

Lateral lunges w/ DB / fire hydrants (20 sec each side)

AB burnout: 20 sec each

Low flutter kicks, flutter kick legs up and down, low flutter kicks

Out and ins, V-ups, out and ins

Bicycles, angel sit-ups, bicycles

Fire hydrants: from your hands and knees, raise your right knee out to the side until it comes up to hip level. Lower the knee back down to the starting position without resting it on the ground. Keep your right knee bent at a 90 degree angle the entire time. Think about the name of the drill and you'll get why it's called that if you're doing it right :)

Out and ins: Come into boat pose with your knees bent. Lean back and extend your legs, come forward and bring the knees closer to the chest. Continue the out and in motion as quickly as you can. Remain balancing on your tail bone throughout the drill.

Angel sit-ups: Lie on your back and extend your arms and legs out so that your body makes an "X". Lift your right arm and left leg to meet in the middle. Give it a little crunch to make it up there. Fully extend back out into the "X" before bringing up the other side. The goal is to keep the hand and foot that are not being raised up hovering above the ground, this is pretty intense, so if you need to drop that foot to the floor, do.