Oh hey HEAT campers! It's Lil Sarah, and I am here to make your muscles BURN. No weights needed for this one, just your beautiful selves and about 20-30 min, depending on how much rest you need to take.

The goal is to get through the burn to the end of the set without breaking. Let's see how you do...

Upper body:

-60sec wide grip push-ups

-Now remain in the push-up position, and bend your arms so you can lower your body halfway down to the ground. 

Hold for 5 sec, and PRESS back up

Repeat, but hold for 7 sec

Again and hold for 10 sec

Then for 12, 10, 7, and 5 sec again

-Rest for 30 sec to 2 min

-Repeat this whole set with diamond push-ups. 

Lower body:

-60 sec of walking lunges. Make sure not to pause in the middle, go straight from the back into the front. 

-Get into a lunge with the left foot forward. With your feet staying just where they are, hop so both feet leave the ground.

10 hops, hold a low lunge for 10 sec

Do 3 rounds on this side, then switch (You don't have to hop very high, just make sure to hop again immediately following the first.)

-Rest for 30 sec to 2 min

-60 sec squat jumps

-30 sec low pulsing squat right into 30 sec hold a low squat


Abs, abs, abs!

60 sec V-ups

30 sec low flutter kicks

45 sec V-ups

20 sec low flutter kicks

30 sec V-ups

10 sec low flutter kicks

Not enough burn for your abs???

Go right into 3 rounds of: 20 sec bicycles 

10 sec hold on R side

20 sec bicycles

10 sec hold on L side

This workout can literally be done anywhere you have room to move. Have fun my friends! Let me know how you feel tomorrow...