Hey yo! It's Lil Sarah, and I am bringing another total body workout to ya this week. We'll be doing some pretty standard movements, just switching them up slightly to work a different area of the body than we usually do. We'll also hit up the back of the arms, since we typically work on biceps and shoulders. Today we focus on including the inner thighs, obliques, and triceps.

You'll need both heavy and medium to light weight DB (dumbbells). The warmup will take 7-10 minutes, and the workout another 30-40 minutes, depending on how fast you are working and how much rest you take. Let's do this man!

The warmup:

20 standard squats

20 standard lunges

20 plank ups

30 skater lunges

20 tricep push-ups (keep the hands closer together and under the chest, so the elbows are next to the body when you are at the bottom of the push-up)

20 frog jumps

45 sec low twisting plank (twisting the hips)

The workout: Do 3 sets of the first three exercises, then 3 sets of the second three. Rest for 20-60 sec after each set.

15 goblet sumo squats

20 bicycle sit-ups

24 high plank kickbacks

20 DB curtsy lunges

30 DB standing side crunches

15 skull crushers

Bicycle sit-ups: Start out on your back, hands behind your ears, and legs extended out. Sit all the way up bringing your right elbow across your body, while bending your left leg to bring that knee up to meet the right elbow. The right leg should stay extended out and low. Lay back down into the starting position. Repeat switching sides. For an added challenge, don't let your feet touch the ground.

High plank kickbacks: With a lighter set of DB in your hands, get into the push-up position with palms facing each other. You won't be doing any push-ups, so try to stay off the knees. Lift the DB in your right hand by pulling up leading with the elbow. Keep your right elbow close to the body, and fully extend your arm back. The DB should come up close to the hip. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

DB standing side crunches: Stand with a medium to heavy DB in each hand. Keep a neutral grip with palms facing the body. Dip the right shoulder, and crunch on the right side of your body so the DB in the right hand moves down the outside of your quad, and comes as close to the knee as you can get it. Make sure to keep your abdominal muscles very tight. Come up, and crunch over to the left side.