Happy Hump Day HEAT peeps! I'm Lil Sarah, and as many of you may know, I got my start in fitness via kickboxing. I am bringing a kick ass workout this week. It'll have you feeling like you could be taking some names down when you're done!


What you'll need: Medium weight DB (dumbbells), light weight DB (if you are taking the added challenge), and a DON'T STOP mentality. :)

Time: 25-40 min. Just depends on how fast you move, and how much rest you need.

The warmup is written out to be with body weight, but if you want to step it up a bit, grab a light set of DB to use for the punches and jumping jacks.

Most everything can even be done with body weight in the workout as well, save the DB thruster.

Alright my friends, get your head in the game and let's do this!

The warmup: 

25 Jumping jacks, 50 fast straight punches

25 high knees, 50 high plank jacks

25 sit-ups, 50 Mt climbers

25 plank-ups, 50 fast hooks

The workout: Get 1 round of each set and repeat 2 more times

20 (total) -  squat into 1 uppercut (Alternate sides, and make sure to bring your punches OUT in front of your face, landing with the DB nose high. You're trying to hit someone else's chin, not your own!)

10 - 20 fast feet to 1 push-up (Make sure to drop the hips back and get low during the fast feet.)

20 (total) - sumo squat to knee up (Alternate sides. Drive through the leg you will be bringing up the knee, and get it as high as possible. For an added challenge, hold DB and/or drive your hips forward as you bring the knee up, so your knee moves forward. Think of making your knee make contact with someone in front of you.)

10 - 2 high plank jacks to 1 push-up

20 (total) - rear lunge into a front kick (The leg that you step back into the lunge is the leg that comes up for the front kick. 10 on one side, then switch. Challenge yourself by holding onto DB and/or bringing the hips forward as you extend the leg quickly. You want your leg to go straight out in front of you.)

10 - 10 high knees to 1 DB thruster