Hey campers! I'm Lil Sarah, bringing you a workout for the week. Maybe I'm just excited about getting to the beach myself, or maybe I'm just inspired by our Pride float theme this year, (it's muscle beach) but I am creating a workout that can easily be done while you are vacationing. We work so hard for the beach bod, why not keep it?! Hopefully, you get to the beach at some point this summer. :)

We'll be doing another body weight workout that you can make last 20 min, if you just do one round of everything, or 35 min if you do two. I'll leave that up to you, and how good you feel from the night before.

The first exercise listed will be done for 60 sec. The next two exercises will be alternated between, in a tabata fashion (20 sec of work, followed by 10 sec of rest). Do 3 rounds alternating between those to drills tabata style to complete the set. If you do two rounds, make sure to do the whole thing again.

Let's get started!!


20 walking lunges, 15 plank-ups, 50 jumping jacks

20 squat jumps, 40 bicycles (each twist counts as 1), 50 high knees

20 high plank jacks, 20 leg raises, 50 butt kickers

The workout: 

Sumo squat coming to toes at the top, plank ups / high plank lateral hops (2 right, 2 left)

Pike push-ups, Russian twists / low scissor kicks

Side plank punch through (switch at 30 sec), skater lunges / mule kicks

High plank lateral hops: from the push-up position, hop to the right, letting both hands and feet leave the ground when you hop. Land with a slight bend in the elbows and knees.

Side plank punch through: from the right, low side plank position, with your left arm straight up in the air, punch your left hand through the right underarm. Make sure to turn the left shoulder down towards the ground so you get good rotation through the trunk, letting you hit up your obliques.

The harder you push yourself during the tabata rounds, the more you are going to sweat out. Happy vacay my friends!!