Yo yo campers! It's Lil Sarah here, and I am back atcha with the HEAT workout of the week!

We've done a similar workout to this one several weeks ago, but, this week will focus more on getting your heart rate up.  We start off with a heavy set of 12 reps, then go into a bodyweight set of 50 reps. During the bodyweight set, go right into it, and move as fast as you can until you get to 50 so we can really feel that heartbeat go up.


What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), and a mat

How long?: 30-40 min

Warmup: grab a light set of DB, 20 reps each x2

High plank jacks (no DB needed)


Squat to curl

Sit-up to press (press the weight overhead when you sit up, you can hold 1 DB in both hands)

The workout: Get in 3 sets of one pair of exercises, then move onto the next. Take a 30-90 sec rest between sets.

DB squats / High knees (50 each leg)

Renegade rows (1 push-up to a row on each side = 1 rep) / Jumping jacks

Reverse DB chop (12 each side) / Bicycle crunches (50 each side)

DB clean & press / Prone squat thrusters *see our "Total Body Scorcher" W.O.W. if you're not sure how to do this one*