Hello camper friends! Lil Sarah here with your HEAT Workout Of the Week. I love doing very explosive workouts, that often use lighter weight. This week we are slowing it down and going HEAVY though. If you want to get good definition, and truly tone, you have to include heavy workouts. We'll start with a medium heavy weight and higher reps, then increase weight and lower the number of reps. We will mainly focus on lower body today.

What you'll need: Medium heavy, heavy, and VERY heavy DB (dumbbells). A box, or something that you can step up onto. A mat for some core work at the end.

Time: Give yourself about an hour.

Get good and warm: 5 min run


20 squats

20 forward lunges

20 sit-ups

20 squat jumps

20 jump lunges

20 bicycle crunches

Get good and HEAVY: These sets are designed to use your medium heavy weight first, heavy weight for set 2, and VERY heavy weight for the 3rd set. The three numbers listed are how many reps you will do in those sets. Higher number is the first set. Because we are going heavier today, you will want to take longer breaks in between sets, 1-3 minutes. Get through all three sets per drill and then move on to the next one.

Goblet sumo squats: 14, 10, 6

DB stiff leg dead lift: 12, 8, 4

DB curtsy lunges: 20, 16, 12 (The number of reps is total, not each side)

DB step ups, alternate which foot comes up first: 24, 16, 8 (The number of reps is total, not each side)

Ab drills: Do 30 sec of each with no rest in between, this comes out to be 3 min. Take a 30-60 sec break and repeat doing the other side of the low plank.

Low flutter kicks

Right side plank punch through (Left hand goes through the right under arm and back up)

Low leg pulses (feet together pulsing up and down)

Right side plank hip dips

Low scissor kicks

Right side plank leg raises (Raise the left leg up and down)