What's happenin' campers! It's Lil Sarah, posting another W.O.W. for you. This week we are focusing on the posterior side of the body, from top to bottom. We're hitting up shoulders, mid back, glutes, hamstrings, and even calves.

We will set up a circuit and complete 3 sets of it. Your weights will progressively get heavier, as the muscle groups we are working are getting larger. Then we'll end with a few body weight drills to get that heart rate up for a few. 

Enjoy my friends!!

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells)

How long?: 25-35 min

Warmup: 20 ea x2



Push-up to downward dog (press back into down dog after each push-up, you can use your knees for the push-up if you need to modify.

Lunges (extend your arms overhead, so that your biceps are by your ears, at the bottom of each lunge)

Butt kickers (20 ea side)

The circuit:

14 reverse flys

20 plank rows (10 ea side)

12 DB stiff leg dead lifts

14 narrow stance squats, come up to your toes at the top of the squat (Have your feet positioned just inside hip distance apart, or a little closer if you can.)

The encore: 30 sec ea, with a 10 sec rest in between

Knee tuck squat jumps

Plyometric push-ups

Jump lunges


Skater lunges