Happy Hump Day HEAT peeps! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got a WORKOUT for you guys this week! We are going to work with explosive movements, just a little heavier than you may be accustomed doing them. (Mwahahaha!)

Adding weight to high intensity drills is a great way to increase your overall strength. You will also build endurance. If you have not added weight to explosive drills before, start out lighter, you are going to gas pretty easily.


What you'll need today: DB and KB (dumbbells and a kettlebell), and a mat.

Time: 25-30 min (If you have some extra time, you can go through and do two sets of 10 of everything in the warmup with heavy weights.)

Warmup: We are going to be using lighter DB for the drills today. Use that weight here, as we warmup the movements we'll be doing in a few minutes. You'll be moving at a quick pace later on, so no need to rush through these. Worry more about getting a full range of motion to stretch and warm. 

20 of each drill x2

DB squats

DB lunges

KB stiff leg dead lift

DB rotating thruster (As you are pressing the DB overhead, pivot on the left foot and rotate through the core to the right.)

The workout: We are going to work for time, so you don't have to count reps, just focus on form.

45 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest. Switch drills each time, do four full rounds. Take 1-3 minutes rest in between rounds

DB squat jumps

DB jump lunges

KB swings

Reverse chops (switch sides every other round)