Hello my wonderful HEAT familia! Happy Hump Day to you all! Lil Sarah here, bringing you your HEAT W.O.W. Last week we worked on gaining power through weighted, explosive drills. This week, we're going to get a PUMP going by using HEAVY weights. Hope you had a good meal before this workout...(;


What you'll need: DB (can be replaced with a barbell for some drills, depending on how heavy you want to go)

How long: 

Warm 'em up: The first 5 min will be body weight, then the rest of the warmup will be done with what you would consider to be medium resistance weights. We don't want to jump right from body weight to super heavy sets.

30 sec each x2:

High knees

Butt kickers

Plank up jacks (hop your hands & feet out & in every time you're in the high plank position)

Broad jump burpees (perform a broad jump instead of a regular squat jump; if you don't have a lot of space switch directions every time)

Mt climbers

Sets of 10 x2

DB stiff leg dead lifts

DB bicep curls

DB rear lunges (each side)

DB bent over rows

DB thrusters

The workout: We are going to be working with the same 5 drills from the 2nd half of the warmup, but are now using our 10 rep max weight. Get in 2 sets of 10 for each drill. Then, do a 3rd and final set, going to muscle failure. 

What qualifies as muscle failure? Good question! Doing reps, without slowing down or taking a breather, until your muscles cannot do another and/or your form breaks and is not perfect.

Happy Hump Day PUMP Day folks!