One of the most common things I see people struggle with is keeping up with a healthy diet. If you can find the time to food prep one day of the week, it's easier to eat healthy throughout that week. However, for many people that can be a big IF some weeks. If you travel a lot, you may not have that time, or you may just not like cooking. You can still eat healthy eating out though! I just discovered a wonderful addition to the menu at ZEN Japanese Food Fast.

One of the weekly farm to table mixes at ZEN Japanese Food Fast

One of the weekly farm to table mixes at ZEN Japanese Food Fast

ZEN now has a farm to table option! They change the vegetable mix by what is available to them through , and offer an option of organic steak, eggs, or tofu, and natural chicken and shrimp. This week's mix included sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccolini, oyster mushrooms, yellow cherry tomatoes, and dino kale. I opted to have mine with shrimp tossed in the ginger lime sauce, which I was informed is sugar free. Once you get those choices down, you just have to let them know what you would like it served with. Choose from brown rice, white rice, udon noodles, or greens. I went with the greens. I threw in a side of the brussels sprouts just to give them a try.

I must say, I am highly impressed with ZEN right now! Most times I go somewhere that you can get your food that quickly, I am always disappointed, especially with the vegetables, which as you read was pretty much all of my meal. This meal was full of flavor, with great texture. I felt like I was eating food that I had purchased at Central Market and cooked at home. ZEN has definitely stepped up their game with this farm to table option. Oh, and the brussels sprouts! YUM. Now I have to tell you, there is sugar in the sauce on these, but I made healthy choices to make up for it, and am glad I did. So worth it.

ZEN has two locations, one on Anderson Lane near Mopac, and one on Guadalupe at 35th. They also offer catering, so if you are one of the lucky ones that has lunch brought into work, you should have them thrown in the mix. HEAT bootcamp has a fitness menu that is also offered. Joey went through the menu and picked the healthiest options on the regular menu to make it easy for you.

Don't let eating out be an excuse not to eat healthy. It is totally doable. May even make your day easier. (: