Hey guys! It's Lil Sarah, bringing the HEAT workout of the week to ya! It's the beginning of the year, most of us have told ourselves we are really going to get after it fitness wise. A lot of times though, everything else in life is calling for you to get after IT. Don't let a busy schedule get in the way of your fitness goals though. This week's workout will take you less than 25 minutes! You're welcome. (;

What you'll need: A mat, and some DB

We are set up so that you'll be working with one set of drills for 5 min. When you start working, you'll want to start the clock and let it run til the 5 min is up. Start a new set of the drills at the top of every minute, meaning you'll do 5 rounds of all four sets.

For example: The first set of drills is 6 burpees and 20 sit-ups. Start your clock and start getting in the 6 burpees and 20 sit-ups as fast as you can, because when the clock hits the 1:00 mark, you are going to start round 2. That means if you finish in 40 sec, you get 20 sec of rest before round 2. If you finish in 58 sec, you get 2 sec of rest before round 2. A new round starts at the top of every minute, when you finish round 5, you can stop the clock.

Here are all 4 sets of drills listed out. You can modify the sets to make them more challenging by adding a couple of reps. If you finish in 35 sec or less, you need to add a couple. On the flip side, you can take off a couple to make it slightly easier. If you start out with no rest in between rounds, and are not able to speed up during round 2, you should probably take a couple off.

1.) 6 burpees / 20 sit-ups

2.) 10 squat to high pull / 15 V-ups

3.) 20 DB jump lunges / 15 chest press

4.) 10 jumping jacks / 10 prone squat thrusters / 10 high knees (ea side) / 10 DB thrusters

That 4th round should be a GREAT finisher to this quick lil workout!