Hey hey there my awesome bad A$$ HEAT Familia!!!! Jenn here. Coming at yah with another awesome workout for this weeks W.O.W.

This week's workout is all about the 3 P’s (Pause, Plyometrics, and Pump).

Pause: You will be in a static hold position for the first exercise. There may be another movement incorporated with this hold, but the main focus is on staying low, in control, and not breaking form. 

Plyometrics: Jumping, high intensity, speed and agility is what the second exercise will be about. 

Pump: This will be your heavier weighted portion for your third exercise. 

You will be performing another interval workout, but this structure will be a little different from last week. You will still do intervals, but the rest period will change, in that, each circuit will be done as such:

1st exercise 20 seconds work  
2nd exercise for 20 seconds
Rest 10 Seconds
3rd exercise 20 seconds of work  

That's one round. Repeat this circuit for a total of 4 rounds. 

20/20, 10, 20 x4

Grab a towel and water ….you’re gonna need it. 

What You Will Need: Interval timer/stop watch , 1 light set of DB , 1 heavy set of DB 

How Long: 35-40 min 

The Setup:
Set your timer for 20/20. Remember no break in between the 1st and 2nd exercises. 10 seconds rest. Finish off the last exercise with another 20 seconds work, and 10 seconds rest before you begin the next round. Total of four rounds per circuit. 

The Workout:

Circuit 1: 

Low Plank Hold 

Lateral Fly Jacks 

Shoulder Press

Circuit 2:

Static Bicep Curl Hold: 
Hold DB at a 90 degree angle. Keeping full tension on the biceps. Remember to keep elbows close to the body. 


Upright Row 

Circuit 3:

Squat Hold 

Low Jacks x 2 - Jump Squat : 
Low squat position. Keep hands to your head and perform 2 low jacks then immediately jump into a squat jump. Land back down into a low squat. 

DB Squat - 2 Reverse Lunges 

Circuit 4:

Hollow Rock:
With lower back touching the ground. Legs straight and tight together with toes pointed. Arms straight and glued to your ears. Start rocking back and forth without allowing the shape to break at any point.

Get Ups: 
Holding one DB in your hand, overhead, lay on your back. Using the momentum of your legs and the weight of the DB rock your body up from a laying position all the way standing to your feet. 

DB Plank Row 

Circuit 5:

High Plank Hold w/ Single Arm Fly:
Keep one dumbbell under the center of your body. Grab the DB with one arm, keeping your hips straight, and laterally fly the db out to  the side. Shoulder height. Place it back to the middle and switch sides. 

Burpee + 4 DB Punches 

Slow Tempo Pushup