Howdy HEAT familia! It's time for another HEAT W.O.W., brought to you this week from Coach Jenn at HEAT SoFi Austin...

"Get your timer ready!!!

Start with 15 reps per exercise, and complete the entire circuit. Once you have completed all exercises for 15 reps, you will then do the entire circuit again, decreasing the reps by 2. Keep repeating the circuit till you have worked your way down to 1 rep each. That's when you stop the clock.

ie 15,13,11,9,7,5,3,1

Whats your time??
Challenge a friend to do this and see if they can beat your score!"

The Circuit:

Step Up - Reverse Lunge (Per Leg….Yes Per)

Reverse Row (Can be done on a TRX- Smith Machine, Or a Broom and 2 chairs) 

Push Press

Weighted Squat x2 - Pause - Tuck (Do 2 squats. At the bottom of the second squat pause for 2 seconds. Then jump out of your squat and tuck your knees.) 

Star Crunch  (Lying down on your back. Feet are elevated 6 inches off the ground. As well as shoulders are off the ground. Reach up with your left hand for your right foot, and extend back down. Remember don't touch the ground throughout the whole workout. Then reach you're right hand to your left foot.)

Chest Press + Hip Raise