What's going on my HEAT Fam!! Jenn here, brining yah another W.O.W.


As the holiday season is rapidly moving closer, I want to spend some time creating workouts that have “NO EXCUSES” on why you cannot do them. Therefore I will be creating a lot of bodyweight,  one set of dumbbells, or stability ball/dynomax ball workout regimens. 

Don't have any? Don't sweat….well yet at least. See what I did there. Any way if you don't have any of the equipment listed, you can do any of the exercises with just your body weight. Make sure you are picking up the intensity though.  

Todays workout will be all about the abs, and a high heart rate. We will be super setting each ab exercise with a cardio exercise. Just to make sure we are keeping the heat rate up, and reaching that “fat burning” stage.  You can incorporate this workout after a morning run, post additional workout, or just do this before diving into the turkey and all the fixings at Thanksgiving dinner. Get the family involved, and make this a “Pre Turkey Day Ab Burn”. Theres nothing better than sore abs after a good workout. Said …Me. 

Focus all of your attention on not only breathing out every crunch, but if required to lay on your back for any of the exercise remember to press your lower back into the ground. I make sure to emphasize this  each time because once your lower back arches the strain of this exercise becomes lower back, and we don't want that. Lastly any exercises involving siting up, or in a decline seated position, make sure you are pulling your shoulders back and almost over exaggerate pulling the chest up. This also takes the strain away from the low back and keeps constant contraction on the core. 

Okay enough talk let shred those abs!!!

What You'll Need : Stability Ball, Water, Mat , Option to incorporate a light set of DB to this workout for an added burn (5-15lbs)

How Long:  15-25 min

The Workout:  
You will perform each described exercise immediately followed by a cardio exercise. Each cardio exercise will be 50 reps, and each ab exercise will be 20 reps. Do this workout without any break until you have completed one entire circuit, and even then drink a few sips of water and repeat relativity quickly. We need that intensity for this workout! Let's get started!!! 

The Exercises:
Star Crunch  x 20  / High Knees  x 50

SB Hip Raise and Extend x 20 (Place the stability ball in between your feet. Hands can be placed under your lower back for support or out to the side for an added challenge.)  / Low Plank Jacks x 50

SB Circles  x 20 (Place your forearms on a SB and extend your legs behind you, hip-width apart. Brace your abs and raise yourself into a plank position (A). Using your forearms, roll the ball out to the left, in front of you, and back to the right (like a stirring motion) and then pull it back into the starting position. Do 10 reps clockwise and 10 reps counter clock wise.) / Cross Hooks x50

SB Transfer x 20 (Lying on your back place the SB in between your feet. Crunch legs and hands together while transferring the ball from your feet to your hands. Extend both the legs and arms back till they are both 6 inches above the ground. Crunch again, and now use your feet to grab the SB from your hands. Repeat till both feet and hands are 6 inches from the ground and keep transferring back and forth.) / Jump Tucks x 50

SB Plank Alternating Toe Tap x 20 ( per leg)  (Feet on the stability ball, and hands on the ground for a plank position.  Keep belly button sucked into the spine and DO NOT let your back dip. This is your starting position. While remaining in plank slowly lift one of your feet off the SB and tap it down to the ground. Bring your foot back to meet the other and switch feet. Once you have tapped down with both feet that is one rep.)  / Jump Rope x50 (If you do not have one pretend) 

SB Pike Ups x 20 (Get in pushup position, then rest the tops of your feet on a Swiss ball . Keeping your legs as straight as possible, bend your hips and try to pull your feet toward your chest so that the ball rolls forward. Hold at the top for 3 to 4 seconds, then slowly roll back to the starting position. Continue rolling the ball backward (letting it move up your legs) until your body forms a straight line about 30 degrees to the floor. That’s one rep) / Jacks x 50