Oh hey my wonderful HEAT familia! Lil Sarah here this week, comin' to ya with a workout you can get done ANYWHERE. No excuses, right??


This time of year gets hectic. Don't let that stop you from getting workouts in. I often have people tell me how they did a "quick little workout", but it wasn't enough to "really count". Lemme tell ya, that quick little workout is SO much better than zero workout!

Whether you're getting ready to have guests in your house, slammed with end of the year stuff with work, or you'll be traveling yourself, you can get it in with this one...

How long: Under 30 min.

What you'll need: Just your beautiful selves! (And the ability to count...)


The workout:

Get in 25 reps of each drill, complete 4 rounds, and you've got 500 reps in for the day. BOOM!

Lateral lunges (each side)

Negative hip raises: Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Shoot your feet up towards the ceiling (or sky), bringing your hips and low back off the ground. Try not to let your feet go back over your head, your not try to roll back. Once your feet and hips are up, come back down to the ground as slowly as possible. This is the negative side of it, and it'll make those abs burn if you do it right.

Push-up jacks: From the high plank position, hop your hands and feet wide, perform one push-up, and hop your hands and feet back to the start position. Rinse and repeat.

Bicycle sit-ups (each side): Lying on your back with your hands behind your ears, and legs extended out, come all the way up to seated, twisting to bring your right elbow and left knee towards each other. Kick your legs back out and lie back down to start over, this time, bringing the opposite elbow and knee together when you sit-up.

Firework jacks: Start off in a low squat, with your feet close together, and your elbows just outside of your knees. Explode/jump up and off the ground, extending your arms and legs wide. Think of making an "X" with your body. Land low back in that staring position. These will get that heart rate ALL way up!