Ho……Ho…Hooooo…..Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y’all. Its your girl Jenn here with another W.O.W. You knew we had to do some kind of a crazy workout for the holidays. 


A lot of you have, I’m sure, heard of, or maybe done this workout. It can be done with almost any  exercise, and used in various locations. You can do this alone and try to beat your time next year, or you can get the family and friends involved and try to see who completes the “12 Days of Christmas" first.

Think about all the food, cookies, cakes, fruit cake (ewwww), copious amounts of drinks, and candy you'll be potentially consuming in the next few week. Use that as fuel to complete and kick ass in this workout. 

What You Will Need: 1 Heavy DB set for legs, 1 Medium DB Set, 1 Light DB, Pull-up bar/DBs, Slam Ball/Sandbell, KB (Or use one of your heavy, or medium DB for swings), a sturdy wall, a stepper/box/stable chair, and a timer. Always water and always your A game!!!!!
How Long: 35-45 Minutes 

The Workout Descirption: 

You will do this workout just like the song the “12 Days of Christmas”. Complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down, adding one exercise per round. 

1 squat
2 pushups
3 lunges
4 jacks 

You would start with 1 squat, 2nd round you would do 2 pushups and then 1 squat, 3rd round you would do 3 lunges, 2 pushups, and 1 squat. Finally the 4th round you would do 4 jacks, 3 lunges, 2 pushups, and 1 squat. 

It helps if you sing it while doing it. Also, if you decide to sing it why not record it on Instagram and tag @heatbootcamp in it. So we can see your kick ass workout, as well as listen to some good pipes. 

The Exercises:

1. 30 second run/sprint / High Knees/ Heavy DB Farmers Carry
I left a few options for you as for your number one due to the fact everyone will be doing this workout in different locations. Maybe you'll have a gym with cardio equipment. maybe you'll do this outside so run 100 M. Or maybe you're doing this at home so do some high knees or farmers carry. 

2. Pull-ups / Shoulder Press  ( Again use what you have ) 

3. Handstand Pushups/ Handstand Kick Up and hold for 2 seconds/ Pike Press
If you've never done a HSPU before I recommend just starting of with getting used to holding a handstand against the wall. Keep everything super tight from your wide fingers to your pointed toes. Everything should be activated. As well do not look at the floor. Look straight ahead and don't forget to breathe. 

4. Bulgarian Split Squat (Per Leg)
Hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand your balancing leg. Keep your arms fully extended at your side and your palms facing each other. With your feet hip-width apart, place the instep of your rear foot on a bench. Your feet should be approximately three feet apart. Lower your hips toward the floor so that your rear knee comes close to the floor. Pause and drive through your front heel to return to the starting position.

5. Star Jumps  

6. Gladiator Get Up ( 3 Per Arm ) 
 “The Turkish getup that builds total-body strength.” This exercise is just like the standard version of the Turkish Get Up movement. In this you will still perform the over shoulder single arm sit up into a single leg bridge, but instead of standing up, however, you’ll go from a bridge to a top-foot-elevated side plank, and then hold that position.

7. Plank DB single arm curl to tricep kickback (Per Arm) 
Start in a plank position. Holding 1 DB in your hand and keeping a wide stance in your legs curl the DB to your face. Squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement. To move from the bicep curl to the tricep kickback just rotate your palm towards your body and glue your arm to your side. Kickback the DB and feel that squeeze now in your triceps. Do all 7 on one side before switching to the other.

8. DB Alternating Reverse Lunge to Step Up  (Total) 

9. DB Clean 'n' Press

10. Slam Balls 

11. Deadlifts 

12. DB Burpee + 2 Upper Cuts & 2 Cross Jabs