Write this down HEAT peeps. Mark your calendars because this may be the only time in history you will hear/read me, Jenn, saying “ sometimes its good to be basic”. We don't do basic here at HEAT Bootcamp, me especially. I mean just check out our daily Instagram stories and catch a glimpse of some of the camps going on that day. Certainly not basic, but today we are taking some classic/basic  moves, i.e. the squat , bench press, pull-ups, pushups,  etc, and turning them into kick ass Total body burner!!!


How you ask ? Well …as you know, or if you don't, you can change the variant of a workout to create different individual goals. Meaning, you can change the reps (add or subtract), the time of rest (longer or shorter), the weights (heavier or lighter), the sets, and many more. Todays workout variant will be based off of range of motion. This means we will be basing our workout off of doing what’s called the 1.5 reps workout.

Lets get started  !!!!

What You'll Need:  Interval timer, one set of med/heavy DB for leg exercises, one set of med/heavy DB for Upper body exercises, a pull up bar/2 chairs and a broomstick to do inverted rows (YouTube it), water and a mat. 

How Long: 30 Minutes 

The Workout:  This workout will consist of two exercises, per circuit. You will do this workout, starting with the first exercise for 40 seconds of work. This will be the exercise you focus on the 1.5 reps. What I mean by this is you will perform an exercise, descending, through its full range of motion. Before coming back up to the top, ascending, you will pause mid point of tension and drop back down to the bottom. Then back up to the top. Once you complete 40 seconds of the first exercise, you will have 15 seconds to rest and prepare for your second exercise that will be where your “burn out” comes from . This will be done as fast as posable, all out, high intensity body weight, max effort. Again for 40 seconds. You will do each circuit 3 times before moving onto the next.

40 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, 3 times through before moving to the next circuit. First exercise is a 1.5 reps, slow and controlled. The second exercise is all out max effort as fast as possible. 

The Exercises:

From the dead hanging position pull yourself up to where your chin passes the bar. Lower yourself down, but stop halfway, pause and pull yourself back up past the bar. Thats 1.5 reps. 

Goblet Squat 
Performed with one DB.  Brace your core and take a big inhale. Lower down into a full squat position. Drive though your heels and press through your legs to move you to your .5 position. Which should be your 90 degree squat position. Pause for a moment then drop back down to the bottom. Ascend your way back up to full standing position. 
Jump Squats

Bench Press
Plyo Pushups Head to Head
Place you're DB you just used on the floor next to your bench. Get into a plank position, but place your hands on the head of both dumbbells, starting at the top. Lower down to do a pushup on the DB. Once you prepare to push back up use your core, feet, and power of the chest to push you not only up but to jump from the top of the head of the DB to the bottom. Keep powering through each rep and jump from top to bottom, landing in a low pushup position. 
NOTE if you can not do this you can just do a pushup on the top of the head of the DB and walk your hands down to the bottom on the heads. 

RDL (Romanian Stiff Legged Deadlift) 
Same deal y’all. Pause midway through your ascending phase. Drop back down to the bottom, and rise all the way up to the top. Remember with RDL’s Back is flat like a table top, core is super tight, legs have a slight bend in them, and squeeze that butt at the top. This is a huge hamstring exercise. So if you don't feel it through the range of motion. You are doing it wrong and I would ask a pro….Like me. Or watch some YouTube videos if we are not assessable to you.
Jump Lunges

Shoulder Press
Pike Press- Plank-Frog Jump 
Downward dog position. Perform a pike press. Side note: This is a great progression to learn how to do Handstand pushups. Pressing through your shoulders, follow through with your press. At the top jump your feet out to a plank. Finally from plank jump your feet to your hands, finishing in a low squat position. To get back to start just jump your feet back to plank and then jump your feet back up till your in pike/downward dog position.