What's up HEAT familia!! Lil Sarah here with your HEAT W.O.W. Last week we worked on explosiveness with weighted and body weight drills. This week, we're building endurance with heavy sets followed by a run. You are going to do a lot of running with this one. As the time gets shorter, you are running faster. Let's get to it!


What you'll need: heavy DB (dumbbells)

About 30 min. If you go extremely heavy, or need more rest plan for an extra 5-10 minutes.

Warmup: 30 sec ea, x2


Butt kickers


Jumping jacks

Scissor kicks (lying on your back)

Cross Mt climbers (bring your knee up and rotate, so the knee goes underneath you towards the opposite elbow)

lateral lunges

high knees

The rundown of the workout: (Haha, see what I did...)

For each drill listed, you are going to do one heavy set of 12 followed by a 60 sec run. Do a second set of 12 followed by a 45 sec run. Then a third set of 12 followed by a 30 sec dead sprint.

To really challenge yourself, use the weight for your 10 rep max, and go right from the set of 12 into the run, then right into the second set after that run. Same thing between the second and third sets. Give yourself 2-3 minutes of rest in between the different drills. On your mark, get set, GO!!!

DB chest press

DB front squat

DB bent over row (If you have low back issues, you can do a single arm row here, and do 12 each arm. Use a box, bench, or lunged position for support.)

DB stiff legged dead lift