Hello HEAT familia! I am Lil Sarah, and I am bringing the HEAT W.O.W. to ya! It's time for another tabata workout. We have been working on explosiveness and endurance the last couple of weeks, what better way to keep that going than with some interval training! 


What you'll need: moderate weight DB, mat

How long: 35-40 min

Warm it on up: 30 reps, each side if unilateral

Butt kickers

Skiers (feet together, hop left to right)

Jumping jacks

Leg raises (from your back)

Plank up downs

High knees

Squat jumps

Tabata: We are going with 30 second intervals of work, and 10 sec intervals of rest. If you are new to working out, you can take the work down to 20 seconds and up the rest to 15 seconds. Your goal is to work as hard as you can for the entire 30 second set. Focus on your breathing during that 10 second rest, cause you've gotta be ready to go hard when it's over!

Alternate through the drills listed in the set for three rounds. Take 1-2 minute rests in between the different sets.

Set #1: DB lunge to curl / DB press jacks / V-ups

Set #2: DB broad jump / DB push press / cross mt. climbers

Set #3: DB punches / squat to high pull / fluttering leg raises (flutter kicks the whole time your legs are moving up and down)

Set #4: high plank jacks (hop your hands AND feet) / 90 degree squat jumps (add DB for a challenge) / bicycles