Hey there folks! I'm Lil Sarah, and I'm bringing the #wowHEAT to ya! This week's workout is going to focus on explosiveness. Lots of plyometrics, both body weight and weighted. Expect your heart rate to be high, and expect to sweat! Side note: if you are new to working out, give yourself more rest time, leave out the DB, or take the jump out if you need to.

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), a box or bench that you can jump on top of, and a mat

How long: 40 min

Your warmup: We are going to warm you up Tabata style this week. 30 seconds of the first drill, then 15 seconds holding the second. The second drill is your downtime - active rest. Do three sets of each pair and then move to the next.

Jump rope / low squat

Plank up-downs / low plank

90 degree squat hops / low pulsing squat

V-ups / legs low (you're on your back)

High knees / high plank

Skater lunges / sumo squat

Your workout: For each drill listed, complete four sets. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest. Take a full minute or two in between drills.

Push-up to shoulder tap: With your right hand on the bell side of a DB, do one push-up and when you push up from the ground, bring the left hand up to tap the right shoulder. You need to come out of the bottom of the push-up explosively so you can get that hand all the way up to the shoulder. Alternate sides each set.

Heavy DB squat to body weight box jump: perform a 1:1 ratio of each

Up & over thrusters: With a light set of DB, you are going to hop laterally over the box, back and forth. The DB will be pressed overhead when you are going over the box. Start by standing on the right side of the box, with your left foot on the box. DB are racked on your shoulders so that your elbows are bent and pointing forward, like at the top of a curl. Drive through your left leg and cross to the left side of the box, bringing your left toes to the ground and your right foot on the box. Try not to put all of your weight onto the foot that lands on the ground, keep your torso over the box. You don't want a long pause on each side, move as quickly back and forth as you can.

Broad jump, shuffle back: Perform the longest broad jump you can. Facing the same direction, shuffle back to start as fast as you can.

Mule kicks: From the push-up position, tuck your knees in close to your chest. You are going to drive through both feet to kick up and then OUT behind you. This is not a handstand. Think of a mule kicking at something/someone behind it. (; Get these going as fast as you can.