Hi guys! It's Lil Sarah here on this fine Wednesday, bringing your HEAT W.O.W. to ya! We'll work with higher reps, and some more challenging drills today. You're going to challenge your balance and work a lot on your core strength. Most of the drills are unilateral, so we'll be doing four sets. Alternate sides each set.

What you'll need: DB and a mat

Time: 35-45 min

Let's warm you up!

30 sec ea x2

Forward lunges

Tricep push-ups

Low plank jacks

Squatted toe taps (hold a squat while tapping your right toes out to the side and back. Leave your weight in the left foot, don't shift from side to side.)

Jumping jacks

The two sided workout:

20 single leg DB dead lifts

25 low side plank DB punch through

15 around the world push-ups (From the push-up position, shift your weight to the right arm and lower down. At the bottom of the push-up, shift your weight over to the left arm and come back up. You should move in a circular motion during the push-ups.)

20 single DB lateral lunges (Hold the DB racked on the left when you step to the right, and vice versa.)

25 side V-ups (Roll onto your right hip, with your right arm perpendicular to your body and palm down on the floor. Extend your left arm overhead when you are lying down, and reach up along the side of your left leg when you come up.)

30 single arm DB snatch