Hola HEAT familia! It's Wednesday, I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got your HEAT W.O.W.. You can have this workout done in under 30 minutes! Lot's of explosive movements preceded by a short heavier/more challenging set.


What you'll need: DB (dumbbells) and a mat.

How it works: I'm going to give you a pair of drills, and number of reps for each, to get done in a minute. You'll do each pair of drills for 5 minutes straight. If you finish the first round in 45 seconds, you get 15 seconds of rest. If you finish in 58 seconds, you get 2 seconds of rest. When the 2nd minute starts, you start your 2nd round through. If the top of the 2nd minute comes up and you haven't finished the 1st round, stop where you are in that round and start back at the top. You'll probably want to take 1 rep off the first drill and 5-7 reps off of the second drill. If you finish in 30 seconds or less, add 1-2 reps to the first and 5-7 to the second. We're getting right to it this week, the 1st pair of drills is your warmup. Let's DO THIS!

8 burpees (full push-up with chest to the ground, and squat jump at the top) / 30 Mt. climbers (R and L = 2)

5 heavy DB thrusters / 25 knee tuck jumps

5 heavy bent over rows / 25 high plank jacks (hopping just the hands will be the hardest, hopping the hands and feet will be a little easier)

6 heavy DB rear lunges (R and L = 2) / 20 press jacks with 1 light DB

5 v-ups (add a light DB for more of a challenge) / 10 broad jumps (switch directions every time to save space)