Hello HEAT peeps! This is Lil Sarah, and I'm delivering the HEAT workout of the week to y'all! We are going to work with drop sets this week, which means the reps will go down each set, but your weight should go UP. Challenge yourself on that final set to go as heavy as you can. This type of training is a great way to build strength.

What you'll need: You'll need a pretty good variety of DB available, you want to be able to get nice and heavy.

How long: 45-60 min

Warm it up!: 4 min jog/run

20 light DB squats

20 light DB bent over rows

30 light DB rear lunges

20 DB press jacks (Hold on to one DB, press the DB up and overhead when you are hopping your feet out, and bring the DB down to chest level when you hop your feet in.)

The workout: Each exercise listed will be done for 16 reps, the 12, then 6 reps. Take the weight up each set. If you've got some gas left in the tank, do a second set of 6. Could you have done more than 6 reps at that weight? Take that second set of 6 to an even heavier weight! Keep in mind that the heavier you go, the longer the rest period you'll need. We are working with the same, or similar exercises that we warmed up, so you should be ready to get right to it. (:

DB squats

Bent over rows

Rear lunges (the number of reps is total)

DB thrusters