Hey yo! Happy hump day HEAT peeps! Lil Sarah here with HEAT's W.O.W. We went heavy last week, and took it to muscle failure. This week, we're keeping it light and fast with a cardio intensive workout.

What you'll need: A mat, and a box/bench - something you can jump or step up onto.

How long: 25-30 min

The workout: The first three drills listed will be done with Tabata timing, and will serve as a warmup. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest in between. Four full rounds.

Jumping jacks / Mt. climbers / Plank up-downs

The next drills will be listed in pairs. Do 20 reps of the first one, and 30 seconds of the second. Do three sets of each pair and then move on.

Box jumps / low pulsing squat

V-ups / low plank jacks

Push-ups / high plank jacks (Hopping the hands out/in. Moving just the hands is the hardest version, you can hop both hands and feet for an easier version. You can also drop the knees and hop the hands for another modification.)

Jump lunges (R&L=1) / Prone squat thrusters (Begin in the high plank position. Take both feet together and hop them as close to in between the hands as you can. Tuck your knees in towards your chest. Shoot both feet together back so you come back into that high plank. Keep your hips as low as possible while shooting the feet back, sounds easier than it really is. Do this motion without resting at the top or back with the feet. Nice and fast.)