Happy Hump Day HEAT familia! I'm Lil Sarah, and I'm bringing you a total body workout that's easy to get in, in any space. We'll also be going for time, so you don't even have to worry about counting! 

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells) and a mat.

How long: 25-35 min depending on how much rest you need to take in between.

Warm it up: 25 reps of each drill (If it's unilateral, R&L=1)

Jumping jacks

High knees

Rear lunges

Inchworm push-ups (Come back to standing at the top of each one.)

Weighted Russian twists (Light weight.)

Butt kickers

The workout: I've got you guys working with two exercises at a time again this week. You'll be doing three sets of each pair. First set: 30 seconds for the first exercise and 60 seconds for the second. Second set: 45 seconds of each exercise. Third set: 60 seconds of the first exercise and 30 of the second. Try to go right from the first into the second exercise each set. Alright, here we go....

DB rear lunges / Squat jumps

DB chest press / plyometric push-ups (Come out of the push-up as explosively as possible so that your hands hop off the ground when you come up and away from the ground. Doesn't have to be a big jump, just get as much space as you can between your hands and the ground. Make sure to land with a slight bend in the elbow, and not on stiff arms.)

Weighted side plank punch through (With a light DB in your right hand, get into a low, left side plank. The right arm should be extended straight up, towards the ceiling. Take the right hand and punch through the left underarm. You want to dip the right shoulder down as you do this so that you have to rotate through the core. Fully extend the arm back up to the top and repeat.) / Bicycle crunches

DB thrusters / DB press jacks (Hold one DB with both hands, starting out at chest level. Press the weight overhead as you hop your feet out, and bring it back down to chest level as you hop your feet in.)