Oh hey HEAT familia! I'm Lil Sarah, and I'm bringing you the HEAT W.O.W.! Most of the workouts we've done have been focused on upper and/or lower body, with some core drills thrown in for fun. (My version of fun anyway.) Well, today, we are focusing on your core. The whole workout! Just what you wanted to hear, I know. You will be working other muscle groups, but they will still be core intensive movements.


What you'll need: DB (dumbbells) and a mat. 

How much time: 35-45 minutes

Let's warm you up! Get in 20 reps of each of the movements listed. The warmup is not a race. Focus on form, and focus on warming up/stretching.

Inchworm push-up (Start out standing. Bring both hands to the ground as close to your feet as you can get. Slowly walk your hands out until you are in a high plank. Perform one push-up, and start to walk your hands back towards your feet. Come back to standing. Make sure to keep the legs as straight as you can so you can get a good stretch through the back of the legs.

Leg raises (Done from lying on your back.)

Chair squats (Stand with your feet touching or close to it.)

Russian twists (R+L=1)

Supermans (Start in the prone position, lying on your stomach. extend your arms out so the reach overhead. Raise your chest up off the ground with arm coming as high as you can bring them, you should be engaging through the mid and low back. At the same time, lift your feet and legs up so you're engaging through the glutes. Slowly lower everything back down to the ground and repeat.)

Lateral lunges

The workout: Today we are going to do the workout as a circuit. Complete one set of 10, of each of the movements and do 3 full rounds. If the movement is unilateral, do 10 on each side. You may not think of some of the drills listed as core workouts, but you should be supporting with the core the entire time during the movement. That's where your focus should be today. You may even find that you have better form with this "new" focus. Also, keep in mind we are only doing 10 reps, so choose a challenging weight.

Alright, let's work!

DB Romanian dead lift

DB reverse chop (Keep your arms straight.)

DB lateral lunges (Rack the DB on the opposite side that you will be stepping to. This will take a lot of support through the abs.)

Weighted V-ups (Hold one DB in both hands when performing this movement.)

DB straight arm front squats (You'll want one light DB to hold out in front of you. Keep your arms straight, and keep your abs TIGHT. If your shoulders give out and you can't keep your arms straight, get a lighter DB.)