Howdy campers! Wednesday is here, and that means it's time for our next HEAT W.O.W. This week we're going to put those muscles to the test! The goal of this workout is to reach muscle failure. Break the muscle down and it will build itself back stronger. We will work chest, shoulders, and legs.

What you'll need: DB (dumbbells), a mat, and a wall you can lean against.

How long: 40-50 min

Warm it up! - We're going to do three rounds of all of these drills. First time through do 10 each, second round do 15, third round do 20.

Push-up into a downward dog (Do one push-up and then press back into the downward dog position.)

Reverse lunges (each side)

Front to lateral raise (Raise the DB's out in front. With the DB's still raised, rotate through the shoulders and bring the DB's straight out to your sides, and then lower them back down. Next rep, raise the DB's laterally, rotate through the shoulders and bring them out to the front, and lower them from there.)

Light DB squats

Jumping jacks

Squat jumps

The workout: The first drill listed will be done for 12 reps. Choose a challenging weight, maybe use what you normally would for 10 reps. The next drill listed will be done to muscle failure. When taking it to muscle failure, don't slow down during the set, or give yourself a quick little break. You WANT to push through to the point that you either start breaking form, or your muscles give out and can't complete the full range of motion.

Do three sets of each pair of drills and then move on to the next. Take 1-2 minutes of rest in between sets. Alrighty, let's get it on!

Chest press / push-ups

DB squats / wall sit

Military press / DB push press

Reverse lunges (each side) / jump lunges