Hola! It's Wednesday, and you know what THAT means...Time for the W.O.W. from HEAT, brought to you by Lil Sarah!


Tis the season for everyone to mention how they look, or want to look in a bathing suit! In light of that, this week is going to be a more cardio based workout. The movements are going to be body weight today, but if you are looking to take up the intensity, you can grab some lighter weights to use. 

What you'll need: You're awesome self, a short surface to step up on to, and a mat.

How long will it take: Under 30 minutes!

Get warm: Start out with a 5 minute jog.

The next drills will warmup similar movements to those we'll be performing in the workout. Do 45 seconds of each one with a 15 second rest in between each.

Step ups

Squat into a rear lunge (Come down into a squat, and then step back into a rear lunge. Try to stay low as you step back into the lunge and when you bring your foot back up. When you bring your foot back up, you can come back to standing for a brief second, and repeat. Alternate sides. We will make this drill plyometric during the workout - add the jump)

Push-up into a shoulder tap (Alternate sides.)

Lateral hop burpees (Hop down into a high plank, and immediately hop back up to your feet. Once on your feet, take two quick lateral hops to the left. Repeat, and alternate sides. During the workout, we will add a push-up when you go down into the high plank.)

The workout: We will now do a EMOM (every minute on the minute) set up with our workout. Work with the first two drills for 5 minutes. After you've completed those, work with the second two drills for 5 minutes. For 5 minutes, at the top of each minute, you will perform the number of reps listed for the two drills. If you finish before the minute is up, that's how much rest you get. Add a couple of reps if you finish in under 35 seconds. If you don't finish in the minute, start over at the top and take a couple of reps off.

Set 1: 20 sprint step ups / 10 plyo squat into rear lunge (every lunge counts as 1)

Set 2: 10 plyometric push-ups (Make the hands leave the ground when you push up. Even a little hop is a good one!) / 8 lateral hop burpees

Abs to end! 60 seconds of each and then you're DONE! Boom.

Bicycle crunches

Low flutter kicks

Low plank - tap right toes out to the right and back, then the left. Repeat.