Happy Wednesday HEAT peeps! I'm Lil Sarah, and I am bringing your latest HEAT W.O.W. to ya! We are gonna work with some of the basics this week and get nice and heavy with them. I want to you challenge yourself this week by starting off with a weight that you are comfortable with, then each set following that, you're going to get heavier with the weight. We'll stick with basic movements so you are comfortable with your form.


What you'll need: Fairly heavy DB's, mat, a pull-up bar, and a bench if you like/have access to one, not necessary though.

How much time you need: 50-60 minutes

Let's warmup! Work in sets of 20, get as many sets in as you can in 8 min. The first time through use body weight for the squats and lunges, then grab some medium weight DB to use after that.

Jumping jacks



Rear lunges

Chin-ups (Palms face you, and hands are around shoulder distance apart. Pull until your chin comes over the bar.)

High knees

Let's workout! Finish 4 sets with each drill, and then move on to the next one. Start with a comfortable weight for 10 reps. 2nd set, take the weight up and repeat 10 reps. 3rd set, weight goes up again, take the reps down to 7. 4th set is the heaviest set, take the reps down to 4.

DB squats

DB chest press

DB rear lunges

DB bicep curls

Abs to finish! 30 seconds each, x3. (:

Low scissor kicks - small fast kicks

Russian twists - slow steady pace

Toe touches - quick pulses, don't let your shoulder blades hit the ground

Bicycles - slow steady pace