Hey hey HEAT fam! It's Lil Sarah here with your HEAT workout of the week! This total body workout is going to hit up your core for a nice long set, let you work with some weight, and then get your heart rate up for short intervals, really burn some fat, ya dig!


What you'll need: You, some DB (dumbbells), and a mat.

How much time: Under 30 minutes!

The warmup: We are going to use the same timing here as we will for the workout.

60 sec / 45 sec / 2 30 sec sets, with a 15 sec rest in between

We'll do one set of everything in the warmup.

Toe touches (On your back with your legs straight up.) / squats / jumping jacks

Russian twists / push-ups / high knees

The workout: This will be the same timing as the warmup, but we are going to do two sets of everything.

Low flutter kicks / DB squats / DB press jacks (Use one DB, press the weight up when you hop your feet out, and bring the weight back to chest level when you hop your feet together.)

Low side plank punch through (Switch sides at 30 sec.) / DB chest press / knee tuck squat jumps

DB crunches (Take two lighter DB, and keeping your arms straight, crunch up so your shoulder blades leave the floor, and the DB press up towards the ceiling. This is not a full sit-up, and the DB do not need to press out towards your legs.) / alternating lunge with a DB curlprone squat thrusters (From the push-up position, hop your feet up towards your hand, tucking your knees into your chest. Hop back to the start. Move as fast as you can, keeping your hips as low as you can.)